Wednesday, June 13, 2012

JavaOne 2012 Content Catalog Available

It appears that a version of the JavaOne 2012 Content Catalog is available from the JavaOne site under Tools | Content Catalog. In this post, I look at a subset of the presentations described in this Content Catalog that appear interesting to me.

Core Java
  • Dynamic Class Reloading in the Wild with Javeleon (CON3160)
  • Why Should I Switch to Java SE 7? (CON7357)
  • Lambda: A Peek Under the Hood (CON6080)
  • The Road to Lambda (CON4862)
  • Jump-Starting Lambda Programming (CON5089)
  • Why There’s No Future in Java Futures (CON6385)
  • Uncovering Hidden Power Tools in the JDK (CON7059) [Neo Technology]
  • The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Java Generics (CON3468)
  • Advanced JVM Tuning (CON7236)
  • Mastering Java Deployment Skills (CON7797)
  • Are Your Garbage Collection Logs Speaking to You? (CON5405)
  • JMX: Much More Than Just Application Monitoring (CON4863)
  • Concurrency Without Pain in Pure Java (CON3454) [Akka]
  • Code Inspection with the javac (TUT4285)
Java Virtual Machine
  • JVM JIT for Dummies (CON7263)
  • From Java Code to Java Heap: Understanding the Memory Usage of Your Application (CON5135)
JVM Languages
  • Polyglot for Dummies (CON6575)
  • Type-Safe, Efficient, Low-Level Programming for the JVM (CON6037)
  • The Groovy Ecosystem (CON5100)
  • Design Patterns in Groovy (CON3469)
  • What’s New in Groovy 2.0? (CON6505)
  • What’s New in Grails 2.0? (CON7945)
  • Griffon, Up Close and Personal (CON5106)
  • Kotlin: Practical Aspects of JVM Language Implementation (CON5759)
  • Introduction to Ceylon (CON4025)
  • Design Patterns in Modern JVM Languages (CON3455)
  • What’s New in Scala 2.10 (CON6338)
  • What Is the Best Way to Embed Your Scripting Language in Java? (CON3978)
  • What’s New in JavaFX (CON4616)
  • Building Amazing Applications with JavaFX (CON4606)
  • JavaFX Graphics Tips and Tricks (CON6784)
  • Moving to the Client: JavaFX and HTML5 (CON3362)
  • Visualizing the JVM Runtime Environment with JavaFX (CON6265)
  • GroovyFX: Making JavaFX Groovy (CON2813)
  • The Ins and Outs of Text for JavaFX: The Graphic Details (CON3138)
  • Audio and Video Processing in JavaFX (CON7146)
  • JavaFX and Scala, Like Milk and Cookies (CON5329)
  • Scala, JavaFX, Java EE 7, and Enterprise Integration (CON4648)
  • Contemporary User Interface Design Patterns in JavaFX 2.2 (CON4643)
  • JavaFX Meets Metro (CON4996)
  • New Image Operations in JavaFX (CON4440)
  • Do It Yourself: Custom JavaFX Controls (CON2425)
  • JavaFX CSS Is Awesome (CON6419)
  • A Tour of JavaFX Scene Builder (CON4348)
  • JavaFX Mashups (CON6224)
Java EE
  • 50 Tips in 50 Minutes for GlassFish Fans (CON4701)
  • Tooling Support for Enterprise Development (CON5247)
  • Tools for Java EE 7: Evolution or Revolution? (BOF3967)
  • Enterprise JavaBeans Today and Tomorrow (CON4654)
  • Unlocking the Java EE 6 Platform (CON2987)
  • What’s New in Servlet 3.1: An Overview (CON6793)
  • Future HttpClient: A Sneak Peek into a New HttpClient API (CON6789)
  • How RESTful Is Your REST? (CON7573)
  • Effective HATEOAS with JAX-RS (CON3383)
  • JSR 353: Java API for JSON Processing (CON3566)
    What’s What in NoSQL? (CON7065)
  • The Rise of NoSQL and Polyglot Persistence (BOF8049)
Play Framework
  • Introduction to the Play Framework (CON3845)
  • Modern Java Web Development with Play Framework 2.0 (CON6008)
General Software Development
  • Modern Software Development Antipatterns (CON6152)
  • The Social Developer (BOF2717)

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