Monday, October 29, 2007

Useful Flex/Java Integration Resources

It feels very natural to me to develop applications with Flex for the client-side and have these rich Flash-executed clients run against a back-end developed in Java EE. This blog entry contains useful links and references to resources and articles regarding use of Java with Flex and includes what I like about each resource. This blog entry may be updated occasionally as I come across useful Java/Flex resources. I do not intend to update the date on this entry so that it remains at this link.

Hybridizing Java (30 January 2007)
This Bruce Eckel weblog entry was a wake-up call for many Java developers (myself included) who had previously considered Flash/Flex as not much more than a gimmick platform/language rather than as a real programming platform/language.

Comparing the Syntax of Java 5 and ActionScript 3 (12 November 2006)
This article features a table comparing language syntax of the Java programming language and the ActionScript 3 (used in Flex) language.

Adobe Flex Development Center: Flex and Java
Numerous articles and resources on using Flex and Java, including some of those listed in this entry.

Thirty Minute Flex Test-Drive for Java Developers (20 November 2006)
This example demonstrates using Flex with many Java-oriented favorites including Spring Framework, Hibernate, and Tomcat.

Rich Internet Applications with Adobe Flex 2 and Java (10 May 2006)

Integrating Macromedia Flex with Java (1 December 2004)
This article is an early article covering (then Macromedia) Flex and Java

Data Services Made Easy for Adobe Flex Applications (11 September 2007)
This article outlines a framework for working with two freely available and commonly used means of communication between a Flex front-end and a Java back-end: HTTPService and WebService.

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