Tuesday, January 29, 2008

JMX Specifications Optional Pieces and Java SE 6 JMX Platform Server

In a previous blog entry, I wrote about how the Java SE 6 JMX platform implementation also represents the JMX API 1.4 and JMX Remote API 1.4 reference implementations. However, many optional features of the two JMX specifications are not included with the Java SE 6 JMX Platform Server. In the past, these were acquired from the previously separate JMX reference implementation. Now, with the Java SE 6 JMX platform server also being the reference implementation, these optional pieces are often obtained elsewhere and that is the subject of this blog entry.

On the SDN JMX forum thread HtmlAdaptorServer Available with Java 6 JMX 1.4 Reference Implementation?, Daniel Fuchs pointed out that the optional HTML/HTTP adapter formerly available with the JMX 1.2 reference implementation is now available as part of the Project OpenDMK.

The HtmlAdaptorServer is not the only optional JMX feature included with Project OpenDMK. Another useful feature is OpenDMK's support for the JMXMP Connector (implemented in jmxremote_optional.jar). As documented in the Java API documentation for package javax.management.remote, the JMXMP Connector is an optional part of the JMX Remote API specification and is thus not included in the Java SE 6 JMX offerings.

An an alternate JMX implementation, MX4J also offers some of the optional features in the Java Management Extensions specifications.

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