Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oracle Open Sourcing XQilla XQuery Engine

About a month ago, Justin Kestelyn (Oracle Technology Network) posted a link to a press release announcing Oracle's release of the XQilla XQuery Engine under an Apache License. I have blogged several times regarding XQuery (and especially about Oracle XQuery implementations) and am excited about an open source XQuery engine being available.

Oracle's FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) page already has a link to another Oracle web page focusing on the XQilla XQuery Engine. This has been one of several recent moves by Oracle to actively participate in the open source implementation of standards movement. Other relatively recent moves in this space have included ADF Faces, the JPA 1.0 reference implementation TopLink Essentials, the open sourcing of the full-fledged TopLink product, and proposal for and support of the JPA 2.0 reference implementation EclipseLink.

The following are other links to articles and blogs on the open sourcing of XQilla.

* Oracle Open Sources XQuilla XQuery (note spelling error that I keep wanting to make as well when I type it -- the "u")

* Oracle Announces XQilla

* Oracle's XQilla Open-Source Contribution and the Art of PR

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