Thursday, October 2, 2008

Colorado Software Summit 2008 Detailed Daily Schedule Posted

The Detailed Daily Summary for the Colorado Software Summit 2008 has been posted. When I have attended this conference in the past, I have always enjoyed mapping out which sessions I plan to attend. Because each session (except keynote sessions) is offered three times each, there are all types of scheduling permutations to consider. I have even more interest than usual in the posting of the detailed schedule for this year's conference (17th edition) because I am presenting on two topics.

My presentations are called Applying Flash to Java: Flex and OpenLaszlo and Java Management Extensions Circa 2008. The Schedule Sorted By Speaker Name indicates that I will be presenting each of the five weekdays of the conference with two presentations on Wednesday and one presentation each on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

I am looking forward to attending sessions that should benefit me immediately and in the near future (such as presentations on REST (and RESTful approaches), on Comet, and on Spring 3.0. I also enjoy the mix of presentations I regularly attend at this conference that may not benefit me immediately or even for some time, but are like "brain candy." For this year's conference, subjects falling into these categories for me are the multiple presentations on iPhone development and a presentation on Android development.

The Colorado Software Summit 2008 begins in just over two weeks on the evening of Sunday, October 19, and runs through lunch on Friday, October 24.

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