Friday, November 21, 2008

RMOUG Training Days 2009 Schedule/Registration Posted

RMOUG has posted the RMOUG Training Days 2009 schedule (subject to change) along with online registration.

My two presentations are both scheduled for the second full day (Thursday, February 12, 2009) of the conference when I begin and end that day with a presentation. My sessions are scheduled as follows:

REST from Web Services Frustrations
Thursday, February 12, 2009, 8:30 am - 9:30 am

Bringing Web to the Desktop with Adobe AIR
Thursday, February 12, 2009, 4 pm - 5 pm

As I look at the currently planned RMOUG Training Days 2009 schedule, several presentations stand out as particularly interesting to me. These include (in no particular order and with speakers' names in parentheses):

* Oracle JDeveloper 11g—New and Noteworthy (Lynn Munsinger)
* Ajax and DoJo for Dynamic Web Pages (Julie Johnson)
* Building Google Gadgets for Your Company (Peter Laird) [I believe that I attended this 30-minute presentation at Collaborate08]
* Implementing an AJAX Enabled UI with Little Effort (Kurt Kellner) [ADF]
* Web Services 101 (Chris Ostrowski)
* Introduction to Cloud Computing (Peter Laird)
* Drilling into JSF/ADF (Michael Fons)
* Unix Tips and Tricks for the Advanced Developers and DBAs (Sumit Sengupta)
* Changing the World with Oracle Web Services and the Service Oriented Architecture (Bradley Brown)

There seem to be more topics tied to products and technologies other than the database than I recall in any previous editions of this conference. There are many more interesting database and non-database topics included in the schedule.

I didn't see anything on Flex or OpenLaszlo, but I will be introducing Flex at least briefly in my AIR presentation, which I believe will focus more on AIR from a Flex approach than from a DHTML/JavaScript background.


RMOUG said...

Dustin, I'm looking forward to your presentation. I see the tradition of having you close out the conference continues! The RMOUG Conference committee likes to have the better local presenters speak last.
Ann Horton

Dustin said...


Thanks for the kind words. One of the several things I like most about RMOUG Training Days is seeing everyone from previous editions. I'm really looking forward to it again this year. I'll see you there!