Sunday, March 1, 2009

JavaOne 2009 News: Initial Acceptance/Rejection Announcements

An idea of the types of presentations that will be available at this year's edition of JavaOne (2009) is starting to form with notices going up all over the blogosphere about presentations being accepted or rejected. I have been curious if JavaFX would be the dominant topic for a third straight year. As we hear more about which presentations have been accepted, we may begin to know if JavaFX is going to be the Main Event once again. Note that All JavaOne Blogs provides a nice collection of blog postings focused on the 2009 JavaOne Conference. The JavaOne Conference on Facebook is also available.

2009 JavaOne General Background

According to this announcement for open registration, over 1300 abstracts were submitted for the 2009 JavaOne Conference. This also explains that "35 external reviewers" plus a "panel of Sun employees" review the abstracts.

The topics that are the focus of 2009 JavaOne are Rich Media Applications and Interactive Content, Mobility, Services, and Core Technologies.

Kirk Pepperdine's blog posting Your JavaONE Proposal Has Been Rejected explains Kirk's perspective on why Sun employees do get the lion's share of presentations at JavaOne. He asserts that there is no favoritism, but that it is more a reflection of the fact that it is Sun employees working on the products being selected for discussion. He also points out (and Cay Horstmann's feedback comment reiterates) that there are many more high-quality presentations than available slots.

Lukas Hasik explains in one of his blog postings that only Sun employees are allowed to submit Hands-On Labs (HOLs) for JavaOne and that the process for these differs from that for presentations and Birds of a Feather (BOFs).

Eric D. Schabell has posted a copy of a rejection letter that explains that the submitted abstracts exceeded capacity by over 400% and provides a link to the well-known post How to Get Your JavaOne Talk Accepted.

There is much discussion about an under-representation of Groovy, Grails, and Griffon at this JavaOne. Among other posts, this is highlighted in Thoughts on Groovy, Grails, Griffon at JavaOne and No Grails at JavaOne.

Specifically Accepted Presentations

The following are some of the presentations that have been advertised by someone as selected for 2009 JavaOne. I expect to see more blogs on accepted presentations this coming week and then, of course, the full schedule to be released in the near future. UPDATE: Some of the linked-to announcements of accepted abstracts have been added since the original posting.

Specifically Rejected Presentations

Bloggers are understandably less excited about announcing their rejected abstracts, but their experiences do provide insight into the process and what the likely focus of the conference will be. Also, these people are in good company as many well-known speakers seem to have their abstracts rejected. This 2005 post shows that this is nothing new.

The 2009 JavaOne Conference will be held June 2-5, 2009. Contrary to a purported rumor, this edition of JavaOne will again be held at The Moscone Center in San Francisco.

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kirk said...

I'm not a Sun employee and I presented my own HOL last year. However, I was the first non-Sun employee to present a HOL. Unfortunately, my HOL proposal for this year was shot down for some unknown reason. Even reviewer don't get a break ;-)