Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You Might Be a Programmer If...

You might be a programmer/software developer/software engineer if...

1) you are primarily offended by the use of goto when someone tells you to go to Hell.

2) you know that Perl is not Pearl misspelled.

3) you don't think gems when you hear "Ruby."

4) you think programming language/platform when you hear the word "Java."

5) you know what a noop is.

6) you are aware of many different kinds of beans that have nothing to do with plants (JavaBeans, Enterprise JavaBeans, Spring beans, MBeans, NetBeans, etc.).

7) you refer to rearranging furniture or rearranging/cleaning your desk as "refactoring."

8) you are more comfortable writing code than writing prose.

9) you think the real bugs have nothing to do with insects or spiders.

10) you know that 10-9.9 is not necessarily equal to 0.1.

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p3t0r said...

I actually _do_ think gems when I hear Ruby:


it's the main package manager for Ruby!

@DustinMarx said...


That's a good one. That particular characteristic might be better worded more like the ones about bugs: "you think about a different type of gems when you hear 'Ruby'."

Idan said...

It's 9 out of 10 for me (never used no. 7)