Thursday, February 18, 2010

RMOUG Training Days 2010: It's A Wrap!

Several blog posts related to Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group (RMOUG) Training Days 2010 have started appearing and some of the presenters have made their slides available for download. In this blog post, I collect links to some of those blog posts and presentation slides after briefly summarizing my own experience.

I enjoyed presenting "RESTful Java" and "Applied Groovy: Scripting for Java Development" at this year's (2010) edition of RMOUG Training Days. The audiences for these presentations were small (approximately 10 in the REST presentation and 20 to 30 in the Groovy presentation), but the people in attendance were attentive and asked great questions. I have always believed, and have heard many other speakers also say, that the types of questions from the audience is a good type of feedback on how well the presentation went. Some of the questions were so insightful and useful that I plan to blog on the answers to those questions in future blog posts.

Riyaj Shamsudeen was not able to make the flight to Denver due to illness, but he has made his presentations ("Why Does Optimizer Hate My SQL?" and "Advanced RAC Troubleshooting") available online.

Mike Ault, another speaker, posted Day 1 of RMOUG and Ready for Day 2 at RMOUG. Kellyn Pedersen has blogged about her experience speaking at RMOUG Training Days for the first time in the post RMOUG 2010. Brent Lowe's recap is contained in his blog post RMOUG 2010 Recap.

Mark Rittman summarizes his experiences at his first RMOUG Training Days conference in the blog post OWB, RMOUG and ODTUG in Denver. He mentions that the materials associated with the presentation he and Stewart Bryson gave on "OWB11gR2 New Features for DBAs and Developers" are available on the Rittman Mead Consulting articles page.

It is likely that there will be additional posts on RMOUG Training Days 2010 in the next several days. I'm already looking forward to RMOUG Training Days 2011.

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