Monday, April 25, 2011

JavaOne 2011 Formally Announced!

I stated in February that it appeared that JavaOne 2011 would be held in conjunction with Oracle OpenWorld in the first week of October. Very shortly after that particular post, there was some public speculation that the event might be changed in terms of location and/or dates. Based on Tori Wieldt's ("The Java Source") blog post JavaOne 2011, the decision has been made to continue holding JavaOne 2011 the same week as Oracle OpenWorld (2-6 October 2011). The JavaOne Conference Blog post JavaOne 2011 - October 2nd to 6th in San Francisco also confirms this.

Both of the aforementioned posts call out some preliminary details about JavaOne 2011. In particular, it is stated that "we expect to open the call for papers on April 27th and close on Monday May 23rd."

Wieldt's post states some improvements coming to JavaOne 2011 that at least partially address common criticisms of JavaOne 2010. These include acknowledgement of JavaOne being held at the same time as Oracle OpenWorld, but stating "JavaOne is being run as a separate, standalone conference, with its own fully dedicated conference space." This might be disappointing to the small number of people who actually attended sessions in both conferences last year, but I think most of us largely attended one conference or the other. The only time I went to Oracle OpenWorld was for the keynotes.

Other planned improvements for JavaOne 2011 include larger session rooms, increased exhibitor space, more time slots for content, more time and space allowed for collaboration, and "direct involvement from community representatives in planning/steering the event." The JavaOne 2011 main page currently states:
Java community take notice: JavaOne 2011 is exclusively yours. This year’s JavaOne conference brings Java experts and enthusiasts an extraordinary week of learning and networking focused entirely on all things Java.

JavaOne 2011 is now definitely scheduled for October 2-6, 2011, in San Francisco. Registration is now open.


@DustinMarx said...

The post JavaOne 2011 - San Francisco October 2-6, 2011 contains additional insight into the changes in JavaOne from JavaOne 2010 that will lead to "no more wandering between hotels and Moscone" (held completely separately from Oracle OpenWorld) and will lead to more sessions and space ("Oracle Develop being moved to another venue").

@DustinMarx said...

Jean-Fran├žois Bonbhel has posted JavaOne 2011 - Exclusively for Java Community. In this posting, he adds some new insights into plans regarding JavaOne 2011. For example, he definitively confirms that JavaOne will be hosted in the same three hotels as last year, that even the keynotes will take place in that "Zone," that "popular sessions will be repeated throughout the week," and that the MySQL community will be represented (a speculation of mine).


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The JavaOne 2011 Call for Papers has been made. More details on this call for papers for JavaOne 2011 can be found in JavaOne Call for Papers Now Open and in the Java Spotlight Podcast Episode 27.

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Both The Java Source Blog and the JavaOne Conference Blog feature essentially the same post on "Tips for JavaOne 2011 Session Submissions."

These tips recommend focus on Java, "non-product pitches," "interesting/innovative uses of Java," "practical" and "relevant" case studies, a unique solution, and a highly readable abstract that makes the value of the proposed session clear. Both versions of the post end with "the most important tip" to ensure that abstracts are submitted by the May 23 deadline.

Both posts also reference a more detailed tips page.