Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The JavaOne 2011 Announcements Are Coming

There was a flurry of Tweets yesterday afternoon and evening from rightfully excited folks who received acceptances for their JavaOne 2011 presentation or BOF abstracts. That flurry continues this morning. Although the "official handle of JavaOne" is @JavaOneConf, the best place to find these tweets from individuals' who have had abstracts accepted is #Javaone.

The many Tweets give us a preview of the diverse topics being covered at JavaOne 2011. These topics include Clojure, Grails, Groovy, JBoss, CDI, Spring Batch, Java Persistence API, Java EE, Java tuning, and many more.

Tweets are easier and quicker to write, so it's not surprising that we're seeing mostly Tweets at this point. However, there are blog posts already out as well. These include a summary of some of the earliest Tweets in JavaOne 2011 notifications are in!, Reza Rahman's Java Blog: Speaking at JavaOne 2011!, and Metawidget @ JavaOne 2011.

I'm looking forward to hearing about additional accepted JavaOne abstracts today and during the week. The more I hear about the accepted sessions, the more excited I am to attend JavaOne again this year.

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