Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Java: Jury Says Google Did Not Infringe / Comprehensive JVM Options List

Jury Says No Google Patent Infringement with Android

The biggest news in Javadom today is covered in the post Day 23, From the Courtroom: Oracle v. Google Trial - Jury: No Patent Infringement. This comprehensive post covers the day's events and talks about the future of the legal acrimony between Oracle and Google over Java and Android. James Gosling references the Wired article Jury Says Google’s Android Does Not Infringe Java Patents and writes:

Court cases are never about right and wrong, they're about the law and what you can convince a jury of. For those of us at Sun who felt trampled-on and abused by Google's callous self-righteousness, I would have preferred a different outcome - not from the court case as much as from events of years past.
Comprehensive List of Java VM "Product" Options

On a completely unrelated note, I found the post Hotspot JVM Options - The complete reference to be interesting and worth bookmarking. The post's author talks about the limited nature of the Java HotSpot VM Options document and how he downloaded OpenJDK and extracted options details out of the open source. He lists the four categories of options (product, diagnostic, develop, and experimental) and then lists all of the options for one of those categories ("product"). This is a good example of a blog post that can be of high value to numerous other Java developers as a reference more thorough than that available in the standard documentation.

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