Friday, August 31, 2012

JavaOne 2012 Announcements and Blog Postings

In the blog post Where's Ed at JavaOne 2012, JavaServer Faces specification lead Ed Burns points out that "JavaOne 2012 is just 19 business days away!" In that post, he shows a screen snapshot of the Google Calendar representation of his schedule for JavaOne 2012. With a slightly more than 4 weeks to JavaOne 2012, the posts and announcements related to "the biggest geekfest this side of Betelgeuse Five" are becoming more frequent and I look at some of those here.

NoSQL and Data Grids

Manik Surtani is the one calling JavaOne 2012 "the biggest geekfest this side of Betelgeuse Five" in the post JavaOne 2012, here I come. In that post, he discusses his Birds of a Feather presentation BOF5866 - JSR 347, Data Grids, and NoSQL and his Conference Session CON5875 - Making Apps Scale with CDI and Data Grids.

JSF and Java EE

In the previously cited Ed Burns post, he covers what he is attending and supporting at JavaOne 2012. These include manning the Java EE booth and attending/giving several presentations related to JSF.


In his burek for breakfast blog post JavaOne 2012: OpenJDK Edition, Dalibor Topic observes a sort of Moore's Law-inspired "robilad's Law": "the number of sessions on OpenJDK at JavaOne keeps approximately doubling since 2009." He lists 19 sessions at JavaOne 2012 associated with OpenJDK.


As I wrote in a recent blog post, the NetBeans Community Day at JavaOne 2012 Conference has been announced. A collection of JavaOne 2012 sessions focused on NetBeans is available in NetBeans at the JavaOne 2012 Conference.

Mark Stephens has also written about the NetBeans Day at JavaOne 2012. About NetBeans, Stephens writes, "NetBeans has seen a huge amount of development in the last 12 months. ... And NetBeans provides far more than just an IDE to write Java code."

Java Champions

Markus Eisele has written about the Java Champions at JavaOne 2012. He breaks down sessions presented by Java Champions and Java Champion Alumni (those now working for Oracle).

JavaOne 2012 Keynotes

The JavaOne 2012 Keynotes have been announced. The Java Strategy Keynote, "Oracle's Java engineering luminaries will demonstrate Oracle's continued commitment and positive stewardship of Java, as well as provide a glimpse of the future which showcases the vast opportunities that Java provides." The listed "luminaries" are Cameron Purdy, Nandini Ramani, Hasan Rizvi, Georges Saab, and Henrik Stahl.

The Technical Keynote, often my favorite of the JavaOne keynotes, at JavaOne 2012 has the objective of "offer[ing] an integrated look into how the entire range of the Java portfolio is evolving to offer developers a high-performance, standards-based platform to meet the challenges of the next generation of enterprise computing." It's listed speakers are Richard Bair, Terrence Barr, Arun Gupta, and Mark Reinhold.

The Strategy Keynote and Technical Keynote open JavaOne 2012, but the Java Community Keynote starts the final day of the conference. This keynote focuses on the Java community and "will showcase several Java community luminaries and their bodies of work." The two listed to introduce these "community luminaries" are Sharat Chander and Donald Smith.

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