Friday, May 31, 2013

Java Happenings in May 2013

This post very briefly summarizes some recent (within the past few weeks) developments in the world of Java.

Yet Another Java Versioning Scheme

Oracle has changed the Java version numbering schema again, this time in an effort "to avoid confusion caused by renumbering releases" because of the "recent increase of security releases" that have already led to skipped numbers and renumbered releases.

The Closure of java.blogs

Atlassian's java.blogs is currently closed, though it seems like this may not be permanent if there is sufficient interest in it being restored and updated. There is a form at the main site available for folks interested in it being restored to make that known.

Kicking the Tires of JDK 8

In Feedback Wanted, Java SE 8, Tori Wieldt provides links for downloading the latest released versions of Java SE 8 under development. She also provides links to the source code and to a list of Java Enhancement Proposals that have been incorporated into the latest JDK 8 releases. There are also links for reporting bugs found with a new release and for obtaining help if problems are encountered trying to use a new release.

JDK8 Javadoc Updates

Jonathan Gibbons's post javadoc TLC summarizes recent JDK8 tools fixes and the effect on Javadoc. I previously blogged on some changes in JDK8 Javadoc and its presentation of class methods.

Android, IntelliJ, and Gradle

Google I/O 2013 recently concluded and there were some big announcements in the Android space related to products that are well-known in the Java community. In particular, IntelliJ-based Android Studio is now offered (currently "early access preview") alongside more mature Eclipse-based Eclipse ADT plug-in and Gradle is now the main Android build system.


JAX Conference will be next week (June 4-5) in the Santa Clara Convention Center.

Java EE 7 Kick-off

The webcast Introducing Java EE 7 has been announced and will be broadcast live. Geertjan Wielenga has posted that NetBeans support for Java EE 7 will be featured in this webcast.

New JDK 7 and JDK 8 Early Access Releases

In Food For Tests: 7u40 Build b26 & 8 Build b91, Dalibor Topic writes of the new Early Access releases of JDK 7 Update 40 and JDK 8 Build b91. One thing of particular note is that the new JDK 8 build has "Nashorn replacing Rhino."

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