Thursday, October 9, 2014

JavaOne 2014 Observations by Proxy

I wasn't able to attend JavaOne this year, but have been happy to see some online resources covering what happened at JavaOne 2014. In this post, I summarize some of the observations made at JavaOne 2014 and provide links to references providing these observations or providing more background details on those observations. The listed observations are in no particular order and many of them come from the JavaOne 2014 Keynote Addresses.

Rapid Adoption of Java 8

The Oracle Press Release associated with JavaOne 2014 states, "Since its launch in March 2014, Java SE 8 has achieved record adoption rates. Overall, adoption is up more than 20 percent compared to the same post-launch time period for Java SE 7."1 George Saab highlighted this rapid adoption with the observation in the Strategy Keynote that there are already eight Java 8 publications available in eight different languages.4.

Intel and Java

Intel was an "Innovation Sponsor" of JavaOne 2014 and, because of that, had a portion of the JavaOne 2014 "Java Partner Community Keynote" address. In this address, it was stated that Java runs 32 times faster on Intel since 20072. It was also announced that Intel has joined the OpenJDK as a Contributing Member.2,5

New OpenJDK Partners

The Oracle Press Release for JavaOne 2014 mentions other recently added new partners to the OpenJDK team: FreeBSD Foundation, GE Digital Energy, and Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.1

JDK Modularity / Project Jigsaw

It was confirmed in the "Java Partner Community Keynote" address that Oracle does intend to deliver modularity with JDK 9.2,6 Modularization was scheduled for previous versions of Java, but has been kicked down the road from JDK 8 and from JDK 7 before that. The Oracle Press Release announcing JavaOne 2014 states, "Oracle has begun work on the JDK 9 Project in the OpenJDK Community. New features will focus on modularity, performance, stability, and portability."1

Project Valhalla and Project Panama

In the Community Keynote2,5, Brian Goetz cited Project Valhalla (experimental JVM and language features and not to be confused with a much older Project Valhalla) and Project Panama ("Interconnecting JVM and native code"). The promise of value types was also discussed in this part of the keynote.2,5

Eclipse's Open IoT Stack

The Eclipse Foundation announced the Open IoT (Internet of Things) Stack at JavaOne 2014.3

JavaOne 2014 Talks on

It was announced that JavaOne 2014 talks will be on

Miscellaneous Java Usage Statistics

Oracle likes to announce splashy statistics related to "Java" (the language and the platform). This year's edition was no different1:

  • 9 million developers worldwide
  • More than 3 billion devices are powered by Java technology
  • More than 125 million Java-based media devices have been deployed
  • Over 10 billion Java Cards have been shipped since its introduction
Duke Has An Alias: Fang

One of the more important revelations from JavaOne 2014 for some of us is that Duke was formerly known as Fang.5.

JavaOne 2015

JavaOne 2015 will be October 25–29, 2015, in San Francisco, California.

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