Friday, July 17, 2015

Packt Publishing's Skill Up Promotion

Packt Publishing is currently running a "Skill Up" promotion with the tagline, "Learn More to Earn More." There are three separate special offers associated with the Skill Up promotion. One option is to purchase any e-book or video for $10 (USD). Another option is to select a "bundle" of five e-books for a total of $25 (USD) for that bundle ($5 per book). The third option is one year's access to PacktLib for $80 (USD).

The "bundle" offer (five e-books for $25 USD) appears to apply to any five e-books or videos in Packt Publishing's large catalog. However, there are several pre-selected bundles ("tech playlists") available for developers wishing to purchase these books in one category. For example, here are some of the available pre-selected bundles:

These are several more pre-selected bundles available than those shown above, but I created and purchased my own "tech playlist" with a PostgreSQL database theme:

The "list" prices for the above five PostgreSQL books would have totaled over $140. It was nice to pay only $25 for all five of them.

As part of the "Skill Up" promotion, reports on developers' salaries are available. The purpose of these appears to be for developers to determine the salary ranges associated with certain types of skills and then, in theory, a developer could purchase e-books and videos on those topics of interest (and associated with promising salaries) to learn those skills.

The "Skill Up" promotion appears to have just started, but I don't know when the "Skill Up" promotion ends.

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