Tuesday, February 27, 2018

JDK 11 Early Access Builds and Renaming "Incubating" as "Preview"

Mark Reinhold posted "JDK 11 early-access builds" on the jdk-dev mailing list in which he wrote, "JDK 11 EA builds, under both the GPL and Oracle EA licenses, are now available at http://jdk.java.net/11." Reinhold adds, "These builds include JEP 320 (Remove the Java EE and CORBA Modules), so they're significantly smaller (nine fewer modules, 22 fewer megabytes on Linux/x64)."

In the post "Rename 'incubating' language/VM features to 'preview'" on the same jdk-dev mailing list, Alex Buckley opens with, "Members of the Expert Group for JSR 384 (Java SE 11) have indicated to the Spec Lead that they support the goal of releasing non-final language/VM features in order to gain developer feedback, but also feel that the "incubating" terminology is too confusing." Buckley differentiates between "incubating APIs" (JEP 11) and "incubating language/VM features" and proposes renaming "incubating language/VM features" as "'preview language/VM features' for a number of reasons." Buckley concludes the message with related proposals to "[drop] the operand to --preview" and to "[allow] preview features only when --release is specified."

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