Saturday, October 8, 2011

JavaOne 2011 - A Tremendous Success: Blogosphere Round-up

The blogosphere is full of accounts of JavaOne 2011 and most of them are extremely positive. Peter Hendriks says of JavaOne 2011, "the Java vibe is back" and "Java is moving forward again." Cameron McKenzie says of JavaOne 2011, "Mark it up as a success." After one day at JavaOne 2011, Sean Landis stated, "There are good things happening" and "good things on the horizon." Cay Horstmann says of JavaOne 2011, "The message that I got from this year's JavaOne is that Java SE and EE are alive and kicking" and adds, "I look forward to Java One 2012." Ian Skerrett writes, "JavaOne is finished and I am leaving with a positive feeling about the conference and the Java community" and predicts "Next year JavaOne is going to be a LOT bigger." Terrence Barr observes about JavaOne 2011, "JavaOne has brought renewed excitement and energy to the Java community."

Other bloggers provided additional interesting commentary on JavaOne 2011. Juliano Viana states that he saw "the scariest Java talk I have ever been to" at JavaOne 2011. About JavaFX announcements at JavaOne 2011, Peter Pilgrim states, "Oracle have delivered on their promised, or may be it was Sun Microsystems vision, to reinvigorate the user interface on the desktop.." Al Hilwa is quoted as saying, "I would say that Java is in better strategic shape on several levels." Eric Bruno states, "I've been at JavaOne all week and the experience has been fantastic." The original set of JavaOne 2011 presentations on are available.

I have already dedicated a blog post to summarizing my JavaOne 2011 posts and I look at other peoples' JavaOne 2011 posts in this post. I don't look specifically reference JavaOne Conference Blog posts here because I figure their existence is fairly obvious.

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The overall reaction to JavaOne 2011 seems to be extremely positive and I think most of us who were able to attend this year are already hoping that we will be able to attend JavaOne 2012.

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