Monday, September 30, 2013

JavaOne 2013 Vicariously

I was disappointed that I was not able to attend JavaOne 2013, but was happy to see numerous useful posts covering this annual conference. In this post, I link to many of these resources and provide a brief summary of what each post discusses in relation to JavaOne 2013.


The keynotes are where the "big announcements" tend to occur. Fortunately, several online posts quoted key portions of the keynotes and provided different perspectives on what was said and the implications of the announcements. I group these references by order of my favorite keynotes at JavaOne: technical, strategy, and community.

JavaOne 2013 Technical Keynote

Java 2013 Strategy Keynote

JavaOne 2013 Community Keynote

Technical Sessions

Several blog posts have been written about specific technical presentation sessions, birds of a feather sessions, and hands-on lab sessions.

Overall Impressions and Summaries

This set of links is to posts summarizing the conference as a whole and relaying attendees' perspectives on the overall conference.

Kevin Farnham's ( JavaOne 2013 Impressions

Kevin Farnham, managing editor at, has been posting his impressions from JavaOne 2013 in his editorials alongside the posts he references from


This year's JavaOne appears to have continued many of the themes discussed at last year's JavaOne including GPUs, Raspberry Pi, Java SE 8 (especially lambda expressions), Java EE 7, NetBeans, OpenJDK, and JavaFX. Of course, there were new announcements related to these themes that included DukePad, open sourcing of Project Avatar, and new OpenJDK participants (Freescale, Linaro and Square)


@DustinMarx said...

I plan to add links to the above post as more posts on JavaOne 2013 come out.

edburns said...

This is a very useful post. I dare say that your physical distance from the actual event is a key enabler for the quality of this post. If you were present at the event, you would have spent so much time schlepping between Parc55 and the Hilton that you wouldn't have been able to write this post.

Ashwin Jayaprakash said...

Thanks for the links!

@DustinMarx said...


Thanks for the feedback. Although I missed being at the conference this year, there were definitely certain efficiencies to be gained from attending virtually rather than physically.

I have added your post My JavaOne 2013: Wrapup to my post.


@DustinMarx said...


Thanks for the feedback. I look forward to reading more about your progress and thoughts and insights related to mini-DSLs in Java and Diesel.


Trisha said...


Just thought I'd point out that my blog post was covering last year's event. I haven't written the 2013 version yet!