Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Dropping Raw String Literals from JDK 12

It has been proposed that raw string literals (preview) be dropped from JDK 12 (which enters Rampdown Phase One on December 13). Brian Goetz has written a detailed description of the motivations for dropping this preview feature (JEP 326). There is also discussion on this on the Java subreddit. In the post "JSR 386 (Java SE 12) JEP Propose to Drop: 326: Raw String Literals (Preview)," Iris Clark writes that JEP 326 "of scope 'SE' has been Proposed to Drop for Java SE 12."

In Goetz's explanation for the proposal to remove raw string literals preview functionality from JDK 12, he writes, "The Preview Feature mechanism is intended for features for which there is a high confidence that the feature is 'done', and the likelihood that significant changes would be made before making the feature permanent is low." Goetz adds, "I am no longer convinced that we've yet got to the right set of tradeoffs between complexity and expressiveness, or that we've explored enough of the design space to be confident that the current design is the best we can do. By withdrawing, we can continue to refine the design, explore more options, and aim for a preview that actually meets the requirements of the Preview Feature process (JEP 12)."

Goetz also provides a sample of the feedback items they've received regarding raw string literals preview design and implementation. He concludes the message with the statement, "Discussion on the technical details of this feature can continue to take place on the amber-* lists" (amber-dev, amber-spec-comments, amber-spec-experts, and amber-spec-observers).

It sounds like there are still plans for raw string literals to come to Java, but they'll be implemented differently than they are currently in JDK 12 Early Access Builds.


@DustinMarx said...

JEP 326 has been dropped from JDK 12. JDK-8215489 will be used to remove from JDK 12 the overloaded methods named String::align that were added to JDK 12 explicitly for raw string literal support.

@DustinMarx said...

The Brian Goetz message "Raw string literals -- restarting the discussion" on the amber-spec-experts OpenJDK mailing list restarts the design discussion related to raw string literals being implemented in the JDK. The Jim Laskey message "Enhancing Java String Literals Round 2" on that same mailing list references the Goetz message and a write-up on the second attempt at designing raw string literals that is available in HTML format and PDF format.