Tuesday, June 8, 2010

JDBC on DZone in May/June 2010

Several useful features related to JDBC have been posted on DZone/JavaLobby recently. I briefly reference these here.

JDBC Best Practices: Latest DZone RefCardz

The latest DZone Refcardz to be released is the JDBC Best Practices Refcardz. The DZone overview of this Refcardz states the following:

JDBC Best Practices has something for every developer. This DZone Refcard starts off with JDBC basics including descriptions for each of the 5 Driver Types. This is followed up with some advanced JDBC on Codeless Configuration, Single Sign-on with Kerberos, Debugging and Logging. We even threw in a SQL Quick Reference to round things off.

The ABCs of JDBC

Daniel Rubio has posted a series of articles with the title "The ABCs of JDBC." So far, they are:

The ABCs of JDBC, Part 1 - Getting Started with JDBC
The ABCs of JDBC, Part 2 - ResultSets
The ABCs of JDBC, Part 3 - The JDBC API
The ABCs of JDBC, Part 4 - Stored Procedures

New Challenges in JDBC Usage Patterns
(Added 14 June 2010)

New Challenges in JDBC Usage Patterns is a video that, according to the DZone link, features "Jesse Davis [giving] us an update on what's happening at the JDBC expert group in the JCP."


I am happy to see that I am not the only one that still sees advantages to learning and using JDBC even in these days of NoSQL and ORM popularity. As I wrote in SQLPhobia: The Irrational Fear of SQL, JDBC can be the appropriate solution in some cases. I especially like how easy it is to use JDBC with the Spring Framework.

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