Sunday, June 20, 2010

Looking Forward to JavaOne 2010

The 2010 edition of JavaOne features numerous presentations of interest to the Java developer in subjects such as JVM languages (Groovy, JRuby, Scala, Clojure), Java concurrency, HTML5 with Java, monitoring Java applications, cloud computing, modularity/OSGi, JDK7, REST/JAX-RS, Java Persistence API, NetBeans, JavaFX, and Java testing/debugging.

JavaOne 2010 is being held in conjunction with Oracle Develop 2010 and Oracle OpenWorld 2010. These major events are being held in simultaneously in San Francisco September 19-23, 2010. It looks like JavaOne 2010 and Oracle Develop 2010 (both developer-focused events) will be held in "The Zone," which is described as "San Francisco's Hotel Nikko, Hilton San Francisco, and Parc 55 hotels and the surrounding area." Oracle OpenWorld is hosted in the well-known (from previous JavaOne and Oracle OpenWorld conferences) Moscone Center.

A JavaOne 2010 Blog RSS is now available. This is useful for updates regarding JavaOne 2010. I'm particularly looking forward to the announcement of the availability of Schedule Builder to help with creation of a schedule of presentations to attend. The JavaOne 2010 Blog RSS feed has already provided an update on the Appreciation Event, which will feature The Black Eyed Peas, Don Henley, and Steve Miller.

I've already noted more presentations that I want to see than there will be time to see. However, with no dates/times yet available for the presentations, hands-on labs, and Birds of a Feather sessions, it is not possible to know yet which I am most likely to attend. The DZone/JavaLobby article JavaOne 2010 Accepted Talks lists some of the presentations, lab sessions, and BOFs accepted for JavaOne 2010, but they are all available (with dates/times "coming soon") on the JavaOne page.

In related news, the current poll asks, "Which JavaOne 2010 track will draw the greatest interest?" The tracks at JavaOne are all listed, but only one can be selected: Core Java Platform; Desktop Java; Enterprise Service Architectures and the Cloud; Java EE Web Profile and Platform Technologies; JavaFX and Rich User Experience; Java ME and Mobile; Java for Devices, Card, and TV; and The Java Frontier. My guess is that I'll attend many presentations from "Core Java," "Desktop Java," and "Java Frontier." Two of these three ("Core" and "Desktop") are currently leading the votes for most popular among other Java developers as well. Of course, several of the presentations are grouped into more than one track and often the Core, Desktop, and Frontier tracks overlap.

I previously publicly questioned if 2009 JavaOne was the last edition of this conference. Fortunately, it wasn't and I'm looking forward to the wide variety of topics being discussed at JavaOne 2010.

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