Sunday, July 25, 2010

JavaOne 2010: So Many Interesting Sessions, So Few Time Slots

JavaOne 2010 has so many presentations that I want to see that even my current alternatives list ("My Interests" in Schedule Builder) is full of presentations that sound compelling.  The following presentations are currently in "My Interests" because I have (as of today) selected another presentation at the same time to "Enroll" in.  I think this list speaks for itself.  Of course, it is likely that I will change my mind several times between now and JavaOne and it's almost certain that I'll attend some of these.  For now, though, these are the presentations I wish I could attend, but currently think I'll have to miss because there's something else also scheduled at the same time.

[CS] - [S318719] MySQL Performance Tuning Best Practices
[CS] - [S318720] You Know Databases, So How Hard Can MySQL Be?
[CS] - [S313185] Writing Stunning Cross-Platform Applications Using LWUIT
[CS] - [S314273] Groovy: To Infinity and Beyond
[CS] - [S314588] Java Context Dependency Injection and OSGi to Help with Modularity
[CS] - [S313657] Tips and Tricks for Building JavaFX Applications
[CS] - [S313504] Project Coin: Small Language Changes for JDK 7
[CS] - [S313431] Java Persistence API 2.0: An Overview
[CS] - [S314629] HTML5 and Java: Opening the Door to New Possibilities
[CS] - [S315885] Ten Easy Ways to Improve Java EE Performance
[CS] - [S314362] Time to Improve: JSR 310 Date and Time API
[CS] - [S314039] Google Web Toolkit (GWT) Cloud Applications: Fast, Fun, and Easier Than Ever
[CS] - [S312988] Unit Testing That's Not That Bad: Small Things That Make a Big Difference
[CS] - [S313520] Funky Java, Objective Scala Available 2:30-15:30 Parc 55, Cyril Magnin III
[CS] - [S313839] Using the File System API in JDK 7
[CS] - [S314492] Java Persistence API (JPA) 2.0 with EclipseLink
[BOF] - [S314416] The Collections Connection: Special "It Goes Up to the 11th" Edition
[BOF] - [S314190] The Better RESTful Web Services Framework: Jersey or Spring Framework
[CS] - [S313557] The Java EE 6 Programming Model Explained: How to Write Better Applications
[CS] - [S317739] Java Persistence API: Tips, Patterns, and Best Practices
[CS] - [S313248] Creating Lightweight Applications with Nothing but Vanilla Java EE 6
[CS] - [S314395] WebSockets Versus Comet: What Are the Differences, and Why Should I Care?
[CS] - [S312989] Comparing Groovy and Jruby
[CS] - [S313831] Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: Modularizing the JDK and Lessons Learned
[CS] - [S313189] Complete Tools Coverage for the Java EE 6 Platform
[CS] - [S314168] What's New in Enterprise JavaBean Technology
[PAN] - [S315029] Java API for Keyhole Markup Language
[CS] - [S314408] Java Puzzlers: Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel
[CS] - [S314696] The Secret Power of JavaFX Script
[CS] - [S314286] Dual-Pivot Quicksort and Timsort, or Sorting on Steroids
[CS] - [S314665] A Journey to the Center of the Java Universe
[CS] - [S314256] Securing RESTful Web Services in Java
[CS] - [S314491] Effective XML: Leveraging JAXB and SDO
[CS] - [S314424] Polyglot Programming in the Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
[BOF] - [S314475] 10 Years of The Java Specialists' Newsletter
[CS] - [S314822] Myths, Misconceptions, and Hidden Gems in Java Platform Security
[CS] - [S313960] JavaFX Graphics
[CS] - [S313501] The Merging Point of Android and Swing
[CS] - [S314405] Google Web Toolkit Versus Rich Ajax Platform: Which Java-Based Ajax Is for You?
[HOL] - [S313277] Beginning with the Java EE 6 Platform
[HOL] - [S313674] Building a JavaFX-Based Monitoring App, Using the GlassFish REST Monitoring API
[CS] - [S314403] Java Transaction API Caching: Consistent, Distributed, and Coherent
[CS] - [S314385] Ninety-Seven Things Every Programmer Should Know
[CS] - [S313005] Domain-Specific Language Versus Library API Shootout
[CS] - [S314359] Remote Compiling and Performance Analysis Using the NetBeans IDE
[CS] - [S313819] What's Happening with My Application?: Java Virtual Machine Monitoring Tool
[CS] - [S314154] Writing Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs), Using Groovy
[CS] - [S314334] Static Analysis in Search for Performance Antipatterns
[CS] - [S314226] SomeSQL: Combining NoSQL Technologies with Existing RDBMS Architectures

The first acronyms listed on each line in square braces have the following meanings: BOF (Birds of a Feather), CS (Conference Session), ESS (Executive Solution Session), GS (General Session), HOL (Hands-On Lab), KEY (Keynotes Session), and PAN (Panel).

The alternative sessions listed above are the result of my first run-through with the Schedule Builder and that list does not even include potential OracleDevelop presentations of interest related to subjects such as Oracle Fusion, JDeveloper, Java in the Oracle Database, Oracle ADF, etc.

There are so many interesting-sounding presentations to choose from at JavaOne 2010 that it is very difficult to decide on which to attend.

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