Thursday, July 22, 2010

JavaOne 2010 Schedule Builder is Now Available

I previously posted that I was looking forward to JavaOne 2010 and this is even more true today.  Like Mitch Pronschinske, the trouble now is determining which presentations to attend.  This "problem" is complicated by the coexistence of Oracle OpenWorld and Oracle Develop with JavaOne 2010.  There are roughly 2400 different options for sessions, conferences, keynotes, Birds of a Feather (BOF) sessions, and so forth between the three simultaneous conferences.  Although I'm likely to attend JavaOne presentations the majority of the time, there are several Oracle Develop presentations that have caught my attention and I may even attend a few Oracle OpenWorld presentations.  It was a very pleasant surprise when I went to view the Content Catalog this afternoon and saw that it had been replaced by the Schedule Builder!  I received a few hours later stating its availability.

There originally was a single online Content Catalog tool for all three conferences.  At first this catalog only had the sessions without dates and times and then dates and times were added.  When I selected the "JavaOne" stream on the online Content Catalog, it reported the availability of 249 conference sessions, 111 BOFs, 19 hands-on labs, 8 panels, and two JavaOne-specific keynotes.

The first keynote specific to JavaOne is Thomas Kurian's (Oracle) and Doug Fisher's (Intel) "JavaOne Keynote" on Monday, September 20, from 5:45 pm to 7:15 pm.  The other JavaOne-specific keynote is called "The Java Frontier" and will be held Thursday, September 23, from 9 am to 10:30 am.  Other interesting streams that were displayed on the Content Catalog included MySQL Sunday (which seems to imply Oracle has more interest in MySQL's future than some had feared), Oracle Develop, and the several OpenWorld streams.

Even with the dates and times available, it was still difficult to get my head around which sessions were conflicting.  Fortunately, ScheduleBuilder is now available for "registered attendees of Oracle OpenWorld, JavaOne, and Oracle Develop 2010 to pre-enroll in conference events."  Once you log in to Schedule Builder with the username and password used during JavaOne registration, you can click on the link "Start Building my Agenda."  In the "Stream/Track" drop-down, you can select the "JavaOne" stream or a particular track in JavaOne.  When I set the "Search Criteria" to "JavaOne" (Stream/Track) for "All" (Events) and view "Session" (View), there are 395 matching results.  While Content Catalog had only allowed a person to see 50 results at a time, Schedule Builder allows one to see up to 200 results at a time.

I have started enrolling in presentations that look most interesting to me.  I'm already finding many of my most anticipated presentations at the same time.  The Schedule Builder tool identifies when a newly chosen ("Enroll") presentation is in conflict with one that is already scheduled and provides flexible choices as to which to keep (previously enrolled or newly enrolled) and what to do with the one not scheduled (either remove altogether or add it to one's interests).  I am particularly interested in the REST-related presentations and the JVM languages presentations and have already found many of them in conflict with one another.

I may post my tentative agenda once it is assembled along with the presentations saved in my interests section.  However, I never actually attend exactly the same presentations as originally planned so it will almost certainly change some.

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