Tuesday, August 24, 2010

JavaOne 2010: 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know

One of the interesting-sounding sessions at JavaOne 2010 is 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know by Kevlin Henney and Kirk Pepperdine. The abstract for that presentation is shown here:
Modern programmers have a lot on their minds: programming languages, programming techniques, development environments, coding style, tools, development process, deadlines, meetings, software architecture, design patterns, team dynamics, code, requirements, bugs, and code quality, just to name a few. The "97 Things Every Programmer Should Know" project has collected together the wisdom of many contributors to offer a distilled snapshot of what every programmer should know. This session weaves together a story from this collected wisdom to help us see what they?ve focused on that has helped make them so productive.
I saw a version of Kevlin Henney's presentation Programmer's Dozen: Thirteen Recommendations for Refactoring, Repairing, and Regaining Control of Your Code (see video of one of these versions) at SD West 2005 and was very impressed with the style and content of that presentation.  It's no wonder this presentation at JavaOne 2010 is already "full."

The good news, even for those who cannot get into this presentation at JavaOne, is that there is a video and associated review of a version of 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know as given at Jazoon in Zurich.  The presentation can be downloaded from the session's page (all Jazoon presentations are available as a zip file here) and another link to the video is available on Parleys.com.

The main home of the 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know project is at http://programmer.97things.oreilly.com with Kelvin Henney as the editor.  Portions of the contributions to this project have been collected as a book published by O'Reilly.

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