Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More JavaOne 2010 Blogs and Articles

Several more interesting blogs and articles on JavaOne 2010 have been published recently.  In this blog post, I point to and summarize some of these.

In Oracle Takes Over JavaOne Conference, Paul Krill discusses several themes, both advertised and unadvertised, that are likely to prevail at JavaOne.  He alludes to the recent announcement that Oracle CEO Larry Ellison would join Executive Vice President Thomas Kurian for the JavaOne 2010 opening keynote ("Java Strategy and Directions").  James Sugrue highlights this keynote in One Keynote You Won't Want to Miss and there are numerous interesting comments on that post's feedback.  Krill also references the later JavaOne keynote that boats Mark Reinhold as a contributor.  I definitely plan to attend both of these keynotes while at JavaOne.

In Krill's post, he also alludes to the now well-known Oracle lawsuit against Google and Java market fragmentation as well as covering briefly on other topics likely to be covered significantly at this year's JavaOne: Groovy, Hudson, Project Jigaw, JDK 7, etc.

Another interesting JavaOne-related announcement came in the form of Follow JavaOne and Oracle Develop As It Happens: Oracle Technology Network Live.  Those attending JavaOne can attend these interviews of various individuals within the software development community (many of them Java-focused).  The full schedule for these Monday-Wednesday (September 20-22) live interviews is available at Oracle Technology Network Live.

Paul Krill wrote another JavaOne-related post this past week called JavaOne Conference May Get a Rival.  In this post, he talks about the possibility of another Java-focused conference in San Francisco in spring 2011:

Media company Software & Support Media (S&S) plans to offer a U.S.-based version of its JAX (Java Apache XML) conference, which the company has been conducting in Germany for several years.
As I blogged on previously, there are advantages to technical sessions at a software development conference and potential advantages to keynote sessions at a software development conference.  In this case, JavaOne 2010 with Oracle at the helm for the first time and with the state of the Java development market and community, I suspect that the keynote sessions have heightened interest for many of us and may be what we're looking forward to most.  The title of the opening JavaOne keynote, Java Strategy and Directions, further stokes my interest in what may be learned at JavaOne about the future of Java.

We are all guessing at this point, but the poll reflects the community interest and asks, "Which area will receive the most attention in the 'Java Strategy and Directions' Keynote?"  The current leading selections are Enterprise Java (not surprising given Oracle's historical interests) and Java on Mobile Platforms (not surprising either given the recent Oracle lawsuit related to Android).  I'm looking forward to finding out what is the focus of that keynote.

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