Saturday, August 6, 2011

JavaOne 2011 News

JavaOne 2011 is less than two months from now and there has been significant news surrounding the conference in recent days. Recent news related to JavaOne 2011 includes the release of the JavaOne 2011 Content Catalog, the availability of JavaOne flair for download, extension of the Early Bird Discount ($400 off) to August 12, an opportunity to win a free pass from The Basement Coders, a list of JavaOne 2011 presentations by Java Champions, announcement of schedule to be available to registered attendees later this month, and numerous blog posts and Tweets outlining sessions and categories of sessions to be presented at JavaOne 2011.

There have been posts that have collected summaries of presentations falling within certain Java-related categories. These include the DZone link JavaFX 2.0 Sessions at JavaOne 2011 and DZone link OSGi Sessions at JavaOne 2011, which are links to returned results from apropos searches on the Content Catalog.

I expect that we will see more frequent news regarding JavaOne 2011 in the coming weeks.


Dustin said...

San Francisco has been named the second most walkable city in the United States.


Dustin said...

CloudBees is organizing a Jenkins User Conference for the Sunday (October 2) before JavaOne 2011. Other links regarding this include the Proposed Agenda, the Call for Papers, and Jenkins User Conference: Call for Papers.

Dustin said...

Paul Leahy has posted JavaOne 2011 Preview and references JavaOne Preview on TechCast Live!