Monday, August 29, 2011

More JavaOne 2011 News

A little over three weeks ago, I summarized some JavaOne 2011 news. There have been several new pieces of news related to JavaOne 2011 that I summarize here.

Discover Pass and Discover Plus Pass

The blog post JavaOne Discover Plus and Discover Pass: Move Forward on a Tight Schedule on the JavaOne blog provides details for those who "have more curiosity and ambition than time." The post advertises the $895US Discover Plus Pass and the $75US Discover Pass. Both types of passes (the $75 Discover Pass and the $895 Discover Plus Pass) provide many common benefits outlined in this blog post and including access to "all the JaveOne and Oracle OpenWorld keynotes," access to The Zone at JavaOne, OTN Lounge access, access to the Executive Solution Sessions, access to 20-minute presentations at Scene and Be Heard Theater with Oracle partners, access to the Avaya-sponsored The Game Zone, access to the Fujitsu-sponsored Golf Experience, and the final-day It's a Wrap Event. The Discover Plus Pass adds some benefits to this list including access to three technical solutions (but not any hands-on labs) and access to the Appreciation Event with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and Sting.

JavaOne 2011: It's About OpenJDK

In the burek for breakfast blog post JavaOne 2011: OpenJDK Edition, robilad (Dalibor Topic) lists the nine sessions in the JavaOne 2011 Content Catalog "with OpenJDK in their title or abstract." He notes a Moore's Law like trend in number of OpenJDK-related sessions at JavaOne each year.

It's not too surprising that those responsible for selecting presentations at JavaOne look favorably on OpenJDK topics. OpenJDK is something nearly all Java developers can get behind, is an open source giant in the Java world, and has support from Oracle, IBM, and Apple, among others. It also helps fuel OpenJDK enthusiasm when it is used as the vehicle to demonstrate and discuss new JDK 7 features such as Project Coin.

JavaOne 2011: It's About Java EE

Arun Gupta's blog post Java EE and GlassFish sessions at JavaOne 2011 provides "a complete list of Java EE and GlassFish Technical Sessions, Birds-of-Feather, Hands-on Lab, and Community Events at JavaOne 2011." Gupta links to a Wiki page that breaks these down into two groups: those given "by Oracle" presenters and those presented by "the Community." Gupta reproduces the list in his post and adds some pointers to other JavaOne 2011 events as well.

Discounts / Travel in San Francisco

San Francisco Travel has a page devoted to JavaOne 2011 and its participants. JavaOne participants can get discounts at certain local establishments. See Paul Leahy's post Discounts for JavaOne 2011 Attendees for more details.


JavaOne 2011 is five weeks away. It is exciting to think about attending the numerous technical sessions, keynotes, Birds of a Feather sessions, and other activities.


Dustin said...

The Mobile App for JavaOne post announces the availability of a JavaOne 2011 mobile application for mobile devices, including Android-based devices. Although the post talks about the Apple App Store, I was able to download it from the Android Marketplace.


Dustin said...

The Oracle Developer Tools Blog post Finding Eclipse at OpenWorld and JavaOne 2011 lists sessions in both Oracle OpenWorld 2011 and JavaOne 2011 that have a relationship to Eclipse.