Thursday, October 4, 2018

JDK 12 News (4 October 2018)

There has been significant news related to JDK 12 in recent days.

JDK 12 Early Access Build 14

JDK 12 Early Access Build 14 (2018/10/4) was released today. The release notes indicate that the fix for JDK-8210692 ["The 'com.sun.awt.SecurityWarning' class can be dropped"] is a significant part of this build. The class com.sun.awt.SecurityWarning, deprecated for removal with JDK 11, has now been removed altogether. Other links of interest related to OpenJDK 12 Early Access Build 12 include "Changes in this build" and "Issues addressed in this build". This build also includes, of course, the preview features switch expressions (JEP 325) and raw string literals (JEP 326) that I have blogged on previously.

JEP 340 Targeted for JDK 12

Mark Reinhold announced in the post "JEP proposed to target JDK 12: 340: One AArch64 Port, Not Two" that JEP 340 ["One AArch64 Port, Not Two"] is now targeted for JDK 12.

JEP 341 Targeted for JDK 12

Reinhold also announced in "JEP proposed to target JDK 12: 341: Default CDS Archives" that JEP 341 ["Default CDS Archives"] is also targeted for JDK 12.

JDK 12 Proposed Schedule Approved

In a third consecutive message on the OpenJDK jdk-dev mailing list, Reinhold announced in the message "Proposed schedule for JDK 12" that the proposed schedule for JDK 12 has been approved. General Availability of JDK 12 is currently planned for 19 March 2019. As of this writing, there are now four JEPs targeted for JDK: JEP 325, JEP 326, JEP 340, and JEP 341.


@DustinMarx said...

It appears likely that the raw string literals preview feature will be removed from JDK 12.

@DustinMarx said...

It has been announced that "JDK 12 is now in the Release Candidate Phase," but the release candidate build is not available yet.

@DustinMarx said...

It has been announced that Build 32 has no P1 bugs associated with it and so is the "first JDK 12 Release Candidate."

@DustinMarx said...

It has been announced that Build 33 of OpenJDK JDK 12 is the second JDK 12 release candidate.