Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dustin's Bookmarks - 16 May 2009

There have been some really interesting developments covered recently in the blogosphere that I mention here. I write a blog for numerous reasons, not the least of which is to use certain posts as glorified bookmarks. This blog post certainly fills that purpose as it points to at least two web pages that I'll likely reference in the future.

Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Flash/AIR News

DevTopics reports that the New York Times is abandoning Silverlight in favor of Adobe AIR and outlines some of the reasons for this decision. Major League Baseball switched from Silverlight to Flash for reasons cited in Why Baseball Benched Microsoft Silverlight. The battle for market dominance continues.

Classic Programming Quotes

Recently posted Classic Programming Quotes has some really funny (and sadly true at the same time) quotes on software development and programming. There are several collections of quotations on the web related to software development, but this is one of my favorite collections. The quotes poke at things I like and thinks I don't like as much, but I had to laugh at some of them even when they poked at things I like. Among other things, the quotes discuss Java, PHP, Perl, XML, and deadlines.

Twenty Very Useful Java Code Snippets for Java Developers

Once I have gained some basic familiarity with a programming language or framework, I often like to get a "Cookbook" or "Recipes" style book for that language or framework. The format and content of these books is good for learning focused approaches to accomplishing specific tasks. In reviewing these recipes, more general concepts and principles are also learned as well. The post 20 Very Useful Java Code Snippets for Java Developers is similar to these types of books.

Codeplay Album Available for Download

In exciting news totally unrelated to software development, Coldplay's live album LeftRightLeftRightLeft has been made available for free download for a limited time.

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