Sunday, May 3, 2009

More Presentations for CSS 2009 Agenda

I was already pretty excited about attending Colorado Software Summit 2009 after seeing the preliminary agenda, but several more must-see presentations have been added since then (and it appears that a few more are still coming as it is still called "Preliminary Agenda"). The preliminary agenda by speaker name now indicates that newly scheduled speakers and topics include Ian Ameline's "An Introduction to Floating Point Math – What every programmer should know (but almost none do)" [an obvious reference to the seminal 1991 mathematically intense classic What Every Computer Scientist Should Know about Floating-Point Arithmetic], Noel Bergman's "Introduction to OSGi Development", Bill Jones's Django-related presentations, Mike Keith's presentations on JPA 2.0 (JSR 317) and Java EE 6 (JSR 316), and Simon Roberts's performance-related presentations.

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