Sunday, May 3, 2009

More Colorado Software Summit 2008 Presentations

The Colorado Software Summit has made more 2008 presentations available for free download. The just-released presentations include Bill Dudney's iPhone-themed presentations "Core Animation on the iPhone: How to Build Animated UI’s" and "Building Location Aware Apps on iPhone: Taking Advantage of the Location Aware Nature of iPhone" as well as Filip Hanik's presentations "Zero Latency HTTP — Using Comet with Apache Tomcat" and "What the Bayeux? Understanding, Using and Developing with the Bayeux Protocol." All four of these presentations are currently available directly from the Colorado Software Summit web page or, for the long term, can be found at the Colorado Software Summit 2008 page.

With the release of these four 2008 presentations, Colorado Software Summit has now released one-third of the 2008 presentations (18 of 54 released so far).

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