Monday, October 12, 2009

Java in First Days of Oracle OpenWorld 2009

In Oracle OpenWorld for the Java Developer, I looked at the relationship between Sun and Oracle and considered how Java might be covered at Oracle OpenWorld. In this blog post, I point to and summarize some of the blog posts starting to come out along these same themes based in Sunday and Monday at OpenWorld.

In Sun Shines at Oracle OpenWorld (on the Oracle OpenWorld Blog), Stephen Fox summarizes the closing keynote of Day 1 (Sunday). It sounds as if the anticipated mutual compliments between Sun and Oracle leadership did occur. Fox briefly describes James Gosling's gushing over Oracle's involvement in the Java community.

Cay Horstmann, in Oracle OpenWorld Day Zero, writes that "Oracle OpenWorld seems bigger" than JavaOne. Like Fox, he writes about Gosling's coverage of Oracle and Java. Horstmann also writes about a "culture difference" he senses between Java and Oracle user groups and wonders if a single conference can really appeal to both the usual JavaOne attendees and the usual OpenWorld attendees.

Arun Gupta has a very thorough blog post titled Oracle Open World 2009 - Day 1 Report. Gupta provides Scott McNealy's "ten reasons engineers have gone wild" and "top ten innovations from Sun" (Java is #6). Gupta also provides links to a list of Sun bloggers at OpenWorld.

In the post OOW 2009: Too many sub titles - the Scott and Larry show (keynote on SUNday), Lucas Jellema presents a lengthy list of sub-titles gleaned from the "SUNday" keynote. Jellema's post is thorough, but one of the things I like about it best is that it challenges the assertion that the active Oracle user community might be significantly smaller than the active Java user community. Jellema cites numbers related to Oracle Technology Network membership in addressing this. I have found my local Oracle users group, Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group, to be very active. This AMIS Technology Blog already features several very specific reviews of Oracle OpenWorld 2009.

In Oracle OpenWorld: Getting down to business, Sam Diaz comments that OpenWorld appears to remain a "vibrant show" despite other technical conferences suffering lower attendance in recent months than they normally enjoy.

For the most part, there have not been many surprises so far related to Java and Oracle. This is not unexpected because there are certain legal limitations imposed on both parties in the acquisition. Overall, most principal players still seem to be saying the right things to soothe the Java development community regarding Oracle's acquisition of Sun.

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