Thursday, October 8, 2009

More on the Future of JavaOne

Twice previously (April 2009 and June 2009), I publicly pondered the future of JavaOne given Oracle's announced acquiring of Sun Microsystems. Toward the end of the article "Sun management stumbled on EU Oracle probe", The Register now claims that "there will be no more JavaOne conferences under the new Oracle owner."

Until/unless Oracle officially announces the end of JavaOne, we still do not know for certain the future of JavaOne. However, for reasons that I outlined previously, it will not be all that surprising if Oracle does merge JavaOne with its Oracle OpenWorld conference.

In the DZone article JavaOne: Is the Party Over?, Mitch Pronschinske quotes several people in the industry regarding their opinions on the rumor that Oracle will drop JavaOne. There are also comments from other readers of the article. I have previously blogged on the observations about the future of JavaOne made by people attending 2009 JavaOne.

None of this confirms with certainty the future of JavaOne. It is doubtful that we'll know anything certain until after the current transaction between Oracle and Sun is completed. However, my feeling is that even if JavaOne continues on, it will be quite different in the future.

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