Friday, October 23, 2009

RMOUG Training Days 2010 Presentations

I received word today that my two abstracts were accepted for Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group (RMOUG) Training Days 2010, which will be held February 16-18, 2010, at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado. The abstracts that I submitted for RMOUG Training Days 2010 were heavily influenced by the abstracts that had been accepted by Colorado Software Summit 2009 prior to the cancellation of that conference.

The two abstracts that have been accepted are Applied Groovy: Scripting for Java Development and RESTful Java. For the Groovy presentation, I plan to focus on using Groovy to improve the efficiency of development and deployment tasks. Although I'll briefly talk about using Groovy (and Grails) to develop applications, the emphasis will be on how Groovy helps with development and deployment of traditional Java applications. Because of this, it is also likely to be of more interest to those developing applications in other languages who still would like to take advantage of a nice scripting language and JVM features.

In the "RESTful Java" presentation, my current plan is to briefly introduce REST (quick summary of my RMOUG Training Days 2008 presentation REST from Web Services Frustrations) and then introduce some tools and frameworks that are Java-based to make developing RESTful web services easier.

By the time the Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group Training Days 2010 conference is held in February 2010, it is highly possible that we'll know the fate of the Oracle bid to acquire Sun Microsystems. That is likely to be a topic that gets some mention during the conference.

I am looking forward to seeing other presentations that will be at this conference in coming days through presenters' blogs and tweets. I'm especially looking forward to the release of the conference agenda to get a more complete picture of the types of presentations that I can attend at Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group Training Days 2010.

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