Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More JavaOne 2011 News - 13 September 2011

As JavaOne 2011 approaches, more blog posts regarding JavaOne 2011 attendance are being posted. This post references and briefly summarizes some of these posts. I posted two similar posts previously on August 6 and August 29.

Java.net at JavaOne 2011

The Tori Wieldt post Java.Net at JavaOne references a note from Sonya Barry (Java.net Community Manager). The post mentions some of the people from Java.net who will be at JavaOne 2011 as well as some of the activities they will be attending.

Java.net editor Kevin Farnham has posted Informal Chats at JavaOne 2011: You're Invited! He writes:

Having missed last year's JavaOne, there's lots of catching up I'd like to do with lots of people at JavaOne 2011. ... I don't want to rely solely on chance for meeting up with people. So, I'd like to arrange in advance times when I'll meet some people for informal chats. As we chat, I'll take notes, and ultimately I'll include it all in a java.net blog.

JavaOne 2011 Diversity

Don's post The incredible Diversity of JavaOne says of JavaOne 2011, "As a relatively new Product Manager in the SE team, there’s absolutely no shortage of areas I could focus on. ... One thing that has struck me from reading the program though, is the incredible diversity of the Java Ecosystem." Don emphasizes with examples the diversity of organizations at JavaOne 2011 as well as the diversity of the worldwide Oracle development labs represented at the conference.

JavaOne 2011: It's About NetBeans

The page NetBeans at the JavaOne 2011 Conference lists sessions at JavaOne 2011 related to NetBeans. Some of the listed presentations include How to Refactor for JDK 7, NetBeans Project Management, and The Hitchhiker's Guide to NetBeans RCP. In the blog post Focus On Developer Tools – NetBeans IDE, Pieter Humphrey provides a list of technical sessions, hands-on labs, Birds of a Feather sessions, and booths related to NetBeans at JavaOne 2011. By the way, he has a similar post for JavaOne 2011 and Oracle OpenWorld 2011 focus on Eclipse.

JavaOne 2011: It's About Architecture

In Architects and Architecture at JavaOne 2011, Bob Rhubart provides "a sampling of the more than 225 JavaOne sessions for architects." Presentations listed in his post cover Sunday through Thursday of the conference. The presentations he lists include GlassFish Unconference—Let Your Voice Be Heard, NoSQL Versus Relational Database: Showdown Between a Java Developer and a DBA, Don't Call Us; We'll Push You: The Story of Cross-Tier Push Architecture, Domain-Driven RESTful APIs at LinkedIn, Relational Won't Cut It: Architecting Content-Centric Applications for Java, REST and Hypermedia as the Engine of Application State with Standard Java APIs, RESTing Hard: Enterprise-Strength REST for Java, and Rapid RESTful Web Applications with Apache Sling and Jackrabbit.

JavaOne 2011 Group Discounts

Although it doesn't have the same ring to it as BOGO, organizations that purchase four JavaOne passes can get a fifth one free (BFGO). The details of this offer are available in JavaOne Group Discount - Share the experience and save $1795!


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In the post JavaOne Speaker Lineup Shows Java Leadership, Sean Michael Kerner states that the JavaOne 2011 Speaker Catalog "provides a who's who in the Java industry." He briefly discusses some of the organizations with the most speakers at the conference and concludes, "So, while Oracle does run JavaOne and does lead the Java community, Java remains a vibrant ecosystem of multiple vendors."

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With JavaOne 2011 just two weeks away, there are one or more posts just about every day on the conference.

In Apache at JavaOne 2011, Sean Michael Kerner lists sessions he has identified as in some way associated with Apache Software Foundation projects.

Eric Bruno, in his simply titled JavaOne 2011 post, invites attendees to attend his presentation "JavaFX On Wall Street" (24350).

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In JavaOne: Relegated to the alcoves of OracleWorld, Cameron McKenzie states that he wishes Java exhibitors would be included with the Oracle OpenWorld exhibitors.