Saturday, May 17, 2008

Flash Player 10 Prerelease Announced

With yesterday's (15 May 2008) announcement (PDF) of the prerelease of Flash Player 10 (code named "Astro"), a Flex and/or OpenLaszlo developer cannot help but start thinking about the possibilities and what this might mean to his or her development possibilities. One cannot help but wonder how Flex, OpenLaszlo, the new Pixel Bender (formerly known by code name "Hydra"), and Flash Player 10 will all work together.

For now, the demonstrations that can run on Flash Player 10 are "preauthored," meaning that the intent of the prerelease is not so much for people to write Flash applications to run on this new player, but rather the intent is for people to use the new Flash Player against existing Flash applications and sites.

Additional coverage of the Flash Player 10 prerelease can be found in the article Adobe Refreshes the Flash Player, in the article Adobe Flash Player 10 Beta Delivers New Creative Features to Transform Rich Internet Experiences, and the DMX Zone article Adobe Unveils Flash Player 10 Beta.

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