Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Not So Stupid Java Questions

Question #20 (Primitives and Collections) in the (Not So) Stupid Java Questions series was published today. I have found this to be an interesting series because some of the questions are about things that never would have crossed my mind to do or try and because the answers are all over the board. The answers section for each question is free for anyone to contribute to and the answers posted vary from very insightful, to less insightful, to not even related to the question, to downright wrong.

Until fairly recently, there was no single page (that I could find anyway) that linked to all of the questions. In am effort to remedy this, Sachin posted a blog entry with some (first 15) of the questions and I was maintaining a page with links to each of the questions (first 18). I was pleased to see that these pages are no longer necessary because there is now a central page with links to all of the questions and it is updated as new ones are added. This provide a single location to look these up and reference them when desired. The URL to this page is http://today.java.net/pub/ct/9.

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