Monday, September 6, 2010

Different Headlines from "An Update on JavaOne"

Just about anyone who spends anytime in the Java blogosphere has heard about Google's pulling out of JavaOne 2010 as first announced in Josh Bloch's blog post An Update on JavaOne.  There have been numerous posts and articles spawned from this announcement.  In my own post on the subject (The Impact of a Googless JavaOne), I stated that it wasn't clear to me whether this was an Oracle-led action or a Google-led action. Since then, I've found it somewhat interesting to see how different authors, bloggers, and presumably editors have chosen to headline this announcement. It is interesting how different people can imply different things in their headlines for essentially the same story. In this post, I summarize some of these headlines with links to the underlying blog or article.  When reading these headlines, keep in mind that the "blog post that started it all" was simply understated as "An Update on JavaOne."

⇒ Oracle's Lawsuit Preventing Google from Participating at JavaOne (Sean Brunett, Android Central)

⇒ Google Pulls Out of JavaOne in Snit (Maureen O'Gara, JDJ)

⇒ Google Not Attending JavaOne Conference (Dustin Karnes, Talk Android)

⇒ Google Opts Out of JavaOne Conference Due to Lawsuit (John van Wunnik, Android Headlines)

⇒ Google Turns a Cold Shoulder to JavaOne (Justin, Gone Googling)

⇒ Sued by Oracle, Google Shuns JavaOne (Om Malik)

⇒ Google Withdraws from JavaOne (Thom Holwerda, OS News)

⇒ Google Bails on Oracle/Sun JavaOne Conference (Seth Weintraub, Fortune Tech)

⇒ Google Won't Be at JavaOne (Scotsman on a Horse)

⇒ Google Drops Out of JavaOne (Billy Bob Bain, Bain Labs)

⇒ Google Pulls Out of JavaOne Conference Due to Oracle (Quentyn KennemerPhandroid)

⇒ Google Bows Out of JavaOne Due to Lawsuit (Nancy Gohring, CIO)

⇒ Google Cancels JavaOne Participation

⇒ Google Boycotts JavaOne (Mitch Pronschinske, JavaLobby/DZone)

⇒ Google to Give JavaOne a Miss Due to Oracle Lawsuit (Pullkit Chandna, Maximum PC)

⇒ Google Exits Conferences Due to Oracle Suit (Doug Caverly, WebPro News)

Much of the content of each of these posts is very similar and most include a quote or two from the original Bloch post.  However, the different headlines alone show where different authors place the emphasis for who is to blame.

By the way, as of this writing, Google is still shown as a Bronze Sponsor on the JavaOne page and there are still 17 presentations associated with Google presenters shown in Schedule Builder.

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