Sunday, September 12, 2010

JavaOne 2010 Abstract of the Day #8: Concurrency Grab Bag: More Gotchas, Patterns, and Tips on Practical Concurrency

"Concurrency Grab Bag: More Gotchas, Patterns, and Tips on Practical Concurrency" (S313560) is currently scheduled for the final session slot in JavaOne 2010 (Thursday, September 23, 3:30 pm) in Parc 55's Market Street session room. The presenter for this presentation is Sangjin Lee, an eBay Distinguished Engineer who has spoken at previous editions of JavaOne including 2008 JavaOne's BOF "Untangling the Asynchronous Web" and 2009 JavaOne's Robust and Scalable Concurrent Programming: Lessons from the Trenches.  The abstract for his presentation this year reads as follows:
At eBay, the world's largest e-commerce company, we see many interesting concurrency issues. In fact, if it's a concurrency issue, chances are that we've seen it. This year we return with even more subtle and delicious concurrency gotchas to share with the Java community. These examples are drawn from real-life cases we saw that had a measurable impact on eBay, whether they were bugs or scalability problems. In this session, we'll present the patterns and tips we've used to tackle these issues. We'll also present some of the valuable lessons and best practices we've learned along the way. This session is intended for an advanced audience that's familiar with Java concurrency in general.
One of my goals at this year's JavaOne is to become more comfortable with Java concurrency. I'm familiar with the basics, but am looking for more in-depth information and especially for tips and techniques that might make use of concurrency easier and more intuitive in the future.  This is another example of a presentation that seems to be related to core Java concepts and will be an increasingly important topic in the future.  This session is currently listed as "Full" in Schedule Builder, meaning that the ability to enroll for early access seating is no longer available.  A related presentation that also looks really interesting to me and is not currently "Full" is "Java Concurrent Animated" (S313019), which appears to be based on the Java Concurrent Animated project.

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